The best Modena travel guide on-line is the best website dedicated to tourism in Modena. Here you can find the guide and all the useful information for a visit to the town. What to see in Modena? And what to do in a day?
The historical city centre, as its map shows, is wonderful, full of sumptuous palaces (in particular the Ducal Palace), rich churches, extraordinary museums (like the Estense Gallery) and important monuments. The Duomo, the Ghirlandina tower and Piazza Grande have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
Modena is the Land of Motors, as the Ferrari Museums well demonstrate with their rich collections of amazing cars. It is also the heart of the opera bel canto with Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti, to whom the Municipal Theatre is dedicated. Not to mention balsamic vinegar of Modena, parmesan cheese, Lambrusco wine, tortellini, zampone, cotechino which make Modena the capital of the good and traditional cuisine. Even the areas surrounding Modena are fascinating, from the ‘Bassa’ Po Valley to the hills and the Apennines (with Mount Cimone), where there are lots of tours to be discovered.
The tourism in Modena is one of the most varied in Italy: everyone can find in this guide incredible things for a wonderful trip.
Here, you can read Modena at a glance and what to do one day in Modena.

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News from Modena

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To the World Heritage belong: Duomo - Ghirlandina - Piazza Grande - Palazzo Comunale