Modena Streets and Squares

La Guida di Modena
The marks of  (°°) = don't miss  |  (°) = to see  |  ( ) = interesting

The former canal with several historical palaces

A straight kilometre of wonders

Once Jewish ghetto, the square of elegant Liberty-style buildings

The worth stage for the Ducal Palce

The Ducal, 18th-century Modena

Alessandro Tassoni and the Ghirlandina

The not-to-be-missed main street

The old 'Naviglio' and the Ducal aristocracy

The lively little square and its church

A tower, a statue and a Basilica

The peaceful city centre with its little fountain

The winding street with Renaissance palaces

'Rua Grande': the Ducal Palace as background

Churches and palaces in the heart of the city

The promenade of the ancient city walls

The lond road of the Ducal Institutions

The ancient Roman forum and the two rivers

A wooden fascist square between two churches

The animated anteroom of Piazza Grande

The straight street of 'Terranuova'

The heart of Medieval Modena