Stanguellini Car Museum

La Guida di Modena

Stanguellini Historical
Car Museum


756, via Emilia Est
Opening hours mon-fri 3-6 pm
Free admission (booking is better)
+39 059 361105
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The Stanguellini – initially with Francesco, and then with his son Vittorio – were pioneers in the car racing stables in Modena in the early 20th century. Enzo Ferrari and the Maserati brothers followed, transforming the city in the world capital of engines.
The Museum, established in 1995 under the will of Francesco Stanguellini, tells the story of the brand, starting from the first registred car in Modena (numberplate “1-MO”, 1910).
Many racing cars were derived from the Fiat ones (Sport 750 and 1100), whereas others were entirely built in Modena (like the car with the twin-camshaft engine, 1950). The “junior 1100”, the “Colibrì” (designed by Scaglione) and the Formula 3 are very famous. There are cars used by great drivers such as Lorenzo Bandini, Manuel Fangio and Tazio Nuvolari. Under the showcases there are hand made instruments (nothing is automatized in this stable) and memorabilia. Great racings such as the Mille Miglia, the Vanderbilt and the targa Florio are also remembered here. Porsche, Maserati and Alfa Romeo are shown as well, belonging to the family collection.


[Images by the Author upon kind permission]