Santa Maria delle Grazie Church

La Guida di Modena

Santa Maria
delle Grazie Church


Via Sant'Agostino
Opening hours thu 6-7 pm
+39 059 223239

The church was built in the first part of the 18th century. The facade is built in simple bricks with a single portal. The writing «Non si pongono arme de’ morti» (literally «Don’t put coat of arms with the dead») means that it was not possible to inscribe the family coat of arms on the graves. The bell tower is visible from the rear and it is older than the present church.
The interior is more interesting. It has a single nave painted by Forti in the 19th century, with two chapels and two smaller ones. On the left, San Geminiano offre Modena alla Madonna by G. B. Codebò (1600); San Geminiano’s chapel has been recently restored. The church is the seat of the 1000 year old Brotherhood of the Patron Saint of the city. In the first little chapel, on the left, is the funeral mask of Saint Anthony of Padua, who died on the 3rd June 1231.
On the right, some canvases by 17th century-painters.
The choir by Sante Giovanardi was built in 1750. The painting on the altar is a Virgin by the Modenese Francesco Vellani (1724).