Santa Maria delle Assi Church °

La Guida di Modena

Santa Maria
delle Assi Church °


Corso Canal Grande
Opening hours sat 10 am-12 pm

Originally founded in the 12th century, the church of Santa Maria delle Assi (or of the Trinity) was restored in the first part of the 19th century, basing the project on the original design by Giovanni Guerra in 1596-99. The church is really in keeping with the dictates of the Catholic Counter-Reformation. Its name derives from a wooden bridge which stood near the church when Corso Canal Grande°° was a canal (‘Assi’ in Italian means ‘boards’).
In the exterior, don’t miss the picturesque view of the back and of the bell tower and the fresco with the Virgin’s Coronation by an anonymous painter of the XVII century on the portal.
The interior has a single nave with six lateral chapels characterized by bright colours and beautiful altars made in scagliola.
The first one on the left containes a Crucified of the 17th century and a wooden panel with Christ’s monogram (JHS: Jesus Hominum Salvator, in latin) offered in 1423 by Bernardino da Siena. He was the preacher who inspired the still existant Holy Lady of the Annunciation Brotherhood. The second chapel is dedicated to Saint Antony of Padua; the third one to the divine revered ladies of the Este family, Beatrice I and II.
On the right, the first chapel is in memory of Guglielmo d’Aquitania, Charlemagne’s cousin who defeated the Arabs in Poitiers and who became a Benedectine, protector of the bakers. The third one is in honour of the Virgin of the Monte Carmelo.
The second chapel guards the relic of Our Lord Precious Blood: Longino, the soldier who injured Christ’s chest, saved his blood. After many centuries, this relic was found and given by the Gonzaga family (Dukes of Mantua) to the Este at the beginning of the 16th century.
Over the choir, a 18th century organ by Cipri, Traeri and Verati.
It was in this church at the high altar, that young Luciano Pavarotti with his father sang Mass.