Santa Maria della Pomposa Church °

La Guida di Modena

Santa Maria
della Pomposa Church °


Piazza della Pomposa
Opening hours 10 am-12 pm, 4-7 pm
+ 39 059 225131

The church, officially dedicated to Saint Sebastian, takes its name from Pomposa abbey, near Comacchio (in the Po Delta), to which it was subordinated from the XIII century to 1492 (as we know from a Papal bull of 1153).
The building that we see nowadays dates back to 1717-19. At that time, the parish priest was Ludovico Antonio Muratori, the most important Modenese historian, erudite, jurist, man of letters of the XVIII century, who decided to rebuild the church.
After his death, in 1750, the church was despoiled in 1774, eliminated as a parish and reopened only in 1814. Since 1923 the building has been a National Monument and houses the Aedes Muratoriana° museum.
In the interior, on the portal, a plaque celebrates Ludovico Antonio. In the first chapel on the left you can see his grave, monument carried out in 1931 by Ludovico Pogliaghi. In the others, paintings by Giovanni Boulanger (on the high altar a 1659-copy of the Madonna col Bambino, San Sebastiano and San Rocco by Correggio), Bernardino Cervi and Francesco Vellani (Scenes from the life of Saint Sebastian on the walls).