Modena Churches

La Guida di Modena
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The extraordinary baroque basilica Pantheon of the Este family

The 18th century holy casket in the streets of the centre

The wonderful frescoes and the cyborium of the 17th century richness

Preti's frescoes, the cloister of the convent, the sacristry and the chapterhouse

The palatine chapel with the biggest dome in Modena and the statues by Begarelli

The Good Death's Brotherhood and the Lamentation by Mazzoni

A millenary monastic community and the Modenese Renaissance

The Dukes' graves and the Guercino

The best dome in Modena and the 1630 plague

Famous Modeneses' tombs in the ancient part and in the cube by Aldo Rossi

The Catholic new architecture

The treasure of the Collegio's church

One of the oldest dedicated to Saint Francis

The wonderful Baroque with capitals and columns

Ludovico Antonio Muratori's parish curch

The chapel of the ancient convent

The 'Little Paradise'

The Brotherhood and Our Lord Blood

San Geminiano and Sant'Antonio

The centre of the Jewish community

Five domes and a moving crypt